Top 10 Indian Blogger and Their Blog

In the very beginning, blogging was never considered as a full-time Job. People run their blog for just sharing their views and experience. But in last one decade, the mass shift towards the internet and online business makes blogger to think about the economic aspect of blogging.

And as a result of this blogging emerges as one of the best paying Profession. Lots of renowned bloggers are making a huge sum of money from blogging. You might have heard about some popular bloggers and internet marketers; Michael Arrington, Neil Patel, Brian Dean etc.

But in this article, I am covering the Top 10 Indian bloggers who had step up a milestone in the Blogging industry with their hard work and dedication.

Top 10 Bloggers of India


Top 10 Bloggers of India

In the current scenario, Blogging and internet marketing is emerged as the highest paying Profession not only in India but throughout the world. And this is the main reason why a huge mass is attracted towards the blogging.

Blogging which is earlier not considers as a full-time Profession is now considered as most lavish and highest paying profession. Lots of Doctors and Engineers which is considered as highest paying and most reputed jobs in India are quitting their jobs to try a hand at Blogging.

If you and I proudly saying that I am a full-time Blogger the credits goes to the Indian Blogger who got success in creating several milestones with their dedication and hard work. Which leads to the change in the mindset of Indian masses which was not in favour of selecting Blogging as a full-time career.

In this article, I am writing about the Top 10 Indian Blogger who leads the blogging in India to a next level. This list of Indian bloggers is prepared not only on the basis of their earning and Alexa ranking along with these two factors the impact of the particular blogger in blogging is also one of the important gradients for preparing this list.

So let’s start with the first name in this list of Top 10 Indian Blogger

#1. Amit Agrawal


Amit Agrawal

Mr. Amit Agarwal is the Flag Bearer of professional blogging in India. Mr. Amit holds a graduate degree in Computer Science Engineering from IIT Roorkee one of the best engineering colleges in India

After completing his degree with an extremely good grade in the year 1999, he Joins ADP Inc. at Hyderabad where he worked for five years. In the year of 2004, after working for five years in Hyderabad he decided to move nearby his native place Agra and this is the time when he decided to leave his job and starts his career as the Professional blogger.

He starts his blog and became the first Indian Professional Blogger.

In the year 2004 when Mr. Amit starts India was new to the blogging. Lots of his friends and colleagues advised him not go for the full-time blogging but he remains stands with his decision. And you know the results.

He is not only well known in India but he is also well known in the world for his blog

Mr. Amit Agrawal run India Blog School a non-profit initiative to spread blogging culture in India

About (Digital Inspiration)

Mainly Focus on Consumer Software

Average monthly Page views: receive average views of 3 million every month 60 % of total viewership equally shared by India and USA.

Alexa Rank: 11683

Sources of Income: Google AdSense

Public figure at : CNN IBN, BBC News, NDTV and more.


What can we learn From Mr. Amit Agrawal?

Keep the things simple and instead of trying a lot of stuff it is better to stick with one and became the master of it.



#2. Harsh AgrawalHarsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal

Here is the second Agarwal in this list. Mr. Harsh Agarwal a well-known name among the Indian Blogger. Mr. Harsh graduated from Sharda University in the year 2008 with a good grade.

After completing his graduate Degree he got placed with a well-known and reputed Software company Accenture, later he refuses to join Accenture to carry forward blogging as his career.

There was a gap in between pass out from college and date of joining in Accenture in order to utilize this gap he joined a call center in Gurgaon.

And this is the time in September 2008 he started his first blog on Blogspot when he gets the good response from his blog reader he decided to shift his blog to the WordPress and in December 2008 he successfully shifted to self-hosted WordPress and this is how his worldwide famous blog Shoutmeloud comes into the existence.

One thing which I would like to mention here, in an interview he told that he was first introduced to Blog in the year 2006 and after reading and gathering lots of information for 2 years in the year 2008 he starts his first blog.

Now he is running more than 10 blogs other than his parent blog Shoutmeloud

About Shoutmeloud

Shoutmeloud covers the different topic on Blogging’s tips, traffic Generation, WordPress and much more. If you are a newbie I will recommend you to go through the to get the basic knowledge of any topic related to blogging.

Alex Rank: 4799

Monthly Page views: 2 million (Approximately)

Sources of Income: Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing, Native ads, Product reviews


What can we learn from Mr. Harsh Agrawal?

Before switching to a full-time blog try to gather all related information. Please don’t choose blogging as your career option only because your friend or cousin making good money out of it or by seeing the earning reports of other successful bloggers.




#3. Imran Uddin

Imran Uddin

A well-known name among Indian Blogger especially known for his blog All Tech Buzz.  Mr. Imran Uddin comes from the south India and his native place is Hyderabad the City of Nizams now the capital of state Telangana.

He is graduated from Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology but he had started blogging in the very early age and book his first domain when he was in the first year of his college.

After completing his graduation he founded All Tech Media which offers Web development, Blogging solution, SEO related services Social Media Marketing and so on.

In an interview, he reviles that apart from  All Tech Buzz and All Tech Media currently he is managing more than 100 others blogs on different niches.

About  All Tech Buzz

All Tech Buzz covers different tips and tricks related to blogging. Along with the detailed guide on WordPress installation and related topics.

Alex Rank: 16419

Average Monthly Page views: 2 million (Approximately)

Source of Income: Display ads, affiliates, sponsored content, and ads.


What can we learn from Imran Uddin?

No matter from which class and section of society you comes from if you have the zeal to do the things you can definitely do it and before jumping for the full-time blogging always try with part time blogging for a certain period of time.



#4. Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant Nagi

He is my personal favourite. The world known Blogger and Affiliate Marketer. He is known for his one of the most famous blog named Blogging Cage.  He comes from a less know city Fatehabad in the State of Haryana.

One thing which I would especially like to mention here is Mr. Negi not comes from a Computer Science or an IT background.  He had done diploma in Electronic and Communication Engineering and in the year 2006 he joins Institute of Technology and Management in Gurugram earlier known as Gurgaon.

He cleared GRE a highly reputed exam for getting admission in foreign University. But due to the financial problem, he was unable to join one of the best University of USA and this was the turning point of his life.

He started to work in an MLM and after working in an MLM company he decided to write about Multi-level Marketing and this is who he enters into the Blogging world in The year 2011.

For one year he writes about MLM on his blog and in the year 2012 he switched from MLM topic and registered a New Domain Blogging Cage and starts writing about blogging

Apart from a passionate blogger, he is a world traveller too.

About Blogging Cage

This blog covers most of the topics related to blogging such as online money making, SEO related Guide, Social media, Affiliate marketing and so on.

Alex Rank: 143,438

Source of Income Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing

Public Figure at : Hindustan Times


What can we learn from Kulwant Negi?

Never lose your heart. Stay focused on your goal in all situations and if you fail due to any reason it does not mean that is the end of everything. Get stand up and starts with double or triple times of efforts.




#5. Anil Agrawal


Anil Agrawal

Mr. Anil Agrawal is a Delhi based Blogger and Affiliate marketer who owns one of the famous blog name BloggersPassion. Mr. Anil owns a master degree in Computer and he started his first blog in the year 2006.

He decided to choose blogging as a full-time career after reading and knowing about the world famous Bloggers, Neil Patel, and blogs like John Chow.

He decided to choose blogging as a full-time career after reading and knowing about the world famous Bloggers, Neil Patel, and blogs like John Chow.

On his blog, BloggersPassion. Mr. Anil mainly writes about Blogging Tips and how to make money online. The content on this blog is very helpful for the Newbies.

Recently he joins hands with Mr. Harsh Agrawal of ShoutmeLoud for Affiliate Marketing and together they are making Good money.

About BloggersPassion

This blog covers all the topics related to blogging and online money making. All the post are written in taking Newbies in consideration.

Alex Rank: 100276

Average Monthly Page views: 1.2 million (Approximately)

Source of Income: Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing


What can we learn From Amit Agrawal?

Instead of trying lots of Niche stay Focused on one particular niche of your interest and work hard to get it on the top.




#6. Pradeep Kumar

pradeep kumar

Pradeep Kumar

A known Indian Blogger is known for his blog HellboundBloggers. He is a Chennai based blogger who started blogging during his school day. And after going through several ups and down now he is one of the Popular Blogger of India.

He is graduated from SKM Forma Institute of Technology located in Chennai the capital city of Tamil Nadu.

Apart from HellboundBloggers which he had registered in the year 2009 he also owns some other blogs named as DeviceBAR and Movies Drop. He also owns an Indian blog network and consulting media known as SlashSquare

About HellboundBloggers (HBB)

It is a web magazine which covers different topics related to Blogging such as blogging tips, WordPress guide, Social media, online money making useful tools and much more

Alex Rank: 65360

Source of Income: Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing


What can we learn From Pradeep Kumar?

Dedication and good research on the topic lead to the success.




#7. Iftekhar Ahmed
Iftikhar Ahmed

Iftekhar Ahmed

An emerging name on the horizon of Indian Blogging. Mr. Ahmed a Bhopal based Blogger and SEO Analytic who is well known of his highly informative blog IftiSEO.

A very less know fact about Iftekhar is he was brought up in Saudi Arabia and shifted to India in the year 2011.

He is graduated Engineer from RGPV Bhopal with Computer Science Engineering. Iftekhar started blogging in the year 2013 during the first year of his college and registered the famous IftiSEO in the year 2014.

In a very short span of time, he is a known name in Indian blogging space. Apart from IftiSEO.  He also owns sites on different niches especially sports.

About IftiSEO

The site covers detailed and quality contents on the topic of SEO, earn money online and so on

Alex Rank: 138713

Source of Income: Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing


What can we learn from Iftekhar Ahmed?

Be positive and works hard irrespective of time, place and situations



#8. Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla

Mr. Ankit is a Delhi based blogger and YouTube.  He is the owner of Blogger Tips Tricks holds a diploma in IT Enables Service and Management from Integrated Institute of Technology, Dwarka.

He attracted towards blogging after attending a Seminar on Make Money Online and after doing a lot of reading and research he registers his first Domain in the year 2010.

 About Blogger Tips Tricks

Here also you will find the most of the topics covered on this blog related to Blogging Tips especially On Page and Off Page SEO, Social Media Optimization, Making money online and etc.

Alex Rank: 80038

Source of Income: Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing, YouTube


What can we learn from Ankit?

In an interview, he told that “During my old blogging times. Really I was a scientist who does all the experiments and fails on it. When I was a newbie I’ve done many foolish experiments maybe that’s why I’m making some decent money now.” So just keep trying with all positive efforts.




#9. Yogita Aggarwal


Yogita Aggarwal

Yogita Aggarwal

The first female name in this list Yogita Agrawal is a Delhi NCR based hold a diploma in Computer science.  She gets the fame with her blog DreamTechie which she started in the year 2013 the other Well-known blogs of Yogita are LetUsPublish and FashionAndBeautyBlogger{FABB}.

She covers a lot of niches which includes E-commerce Gadget, Fashion and Beauty and of course Blogging etc. you in just a simple words you can say that she does blogging on Multi niches

 About DreamTechie

DreamTechie is a multi-niche blog that covers a wide range of topics which includes SEO, Gadgets, Android Apps, E-commerce and much more.

Alexa Rank: 493082

Source of Income: Google AdSense, Software reviews, Banners Ads, Affiliate Marketing


What can we learn from Yogita Agrawal?

Only do the things which of your interest and try never copy others just by listening and reading his/her success story.




#10. Atish RanjanAtish Ranjan

Atish Ranjan

Atish Ranjan a well-known name in Indian Blogger Arena. He is basically from a less known district of Bihar known as Sitmarhi but now he is running his the blog from the Delhi. His most famous blog is TechTricksWorld

Atish a computer graduates work as an SEO Executives in different farms of a period of five years. He started his blogging career in the year 2010 and in a very short span of time he managing to make a good among Indian Blogger.

About TechTricksWorld

TechTricksWorld is a multi -Niche blog which covers topics related to App reviews, Gadgets, online money making, Blogging tips and tricks and much more.

Alexa Rank: 256287

Source of income: Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing


What can we learn from Atish Ranjan?

The things which can we learn from Atish is time management and the will to do the things.






Apart from these 10 Bloggers, there are lots of other bloggers who had set up a benchmark in Indian Blogging arena. All the above mention blogger had comes from different social economic or educational background but the things which are common in all is the complete focus, Full dedication, and a proper research before choosing blogging as a Profession. And this is why all of them manage to appears on the Indian Blogging horizon.

I hope that you find this list usefully and informative. Don’t miss to share your views after reading this post. Be HAPPY Keep SMILING 🙂 🙂

“When we share, we open doors to a new beginning.”
― Paul Bradley Smith

Any Suggestion feels free to Comment…B


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