Jay Kapoor A Youngest Tech Youtuber Blogger Entrepreneur from India

Jay Kapoor is a youngest Tech Youtuber, Blogger, Developer and  Entrepreneur from India. He makes videos about technology and he is always curious to find some new tricks and hacks.


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Jay Kapoor is the youngest tech YouTuber. In 2016, his name comes up in the list of Top 6 tech YouTubers in India and he is the youngest entrepreneur too. So,

So, he has a potential of having a tech enthusiast from his childhood. He likes to gather up a lot of knowledge about every device.

At the age of 10, he had a plan with his friends to be gathered in a park for playing in the playground, while his friends are playing in the playground he used to play with their phones.

He has a good ethics in the technology field that every time he has to try something new and unique to the device. Even his friends call him up for any kind of technology related help and he used to repair their PCs, mobiles, their problems etc. and they offer him money but he refuses for money which they give to him.

His thought is that he is increasing his self-knowledge and that was enough and more precious and valuable than any money. One day, her mother observed him while helping everybody and she told him that why you went to a lot of persons, find a portal where you can write that and it will be delivered to 100+ peoples, So he decided to make a YouTube channel at the age of 14.

So at that time, there is a person who wants to do the review of the mobiles, but now the case is that how a 14 years old children purchase a phone for every video. So the video which comes up in his mind was to make tutorials and tricks which help everybody to get the most out of their devices .

When he told about his father that he wants to start a youtube channel and he explained every thing about it and he demanded some equipment like Mic, Tripod but his father totally refuses him for that.

Starts uploading his videos by using Screen Recorder in his Android Device. His One of the Video on that time which is “How to change turn on and off animation in android device” gone viral.

Then he analysed that he can do more better with that.So he started making some of the videos just by editing them.

He lives in Nehru Place,Delhi,India. Because of his down to earth nature he likes to be communicative with thier fans like friends.

How to change turn on and off animation in the Android device.

Then he analysed that he can do more better with that.


“I don’t have grades
But I got skills”


His hard work is paying him off to much that now his videos are getting an adequate no. of views easily. Then with the money of Adsense,  he brought all the equipment which he wants like  Mic, DSLR,  tripod and now he is the youngest one to cross 194K subscribers on YouTube.

In this tech journey, he made up a friend named Sahil Arora who is a founder of Vuzeela. Not in the field of YouTube, he had also done a good job in the field of Application Development, he firstly built up an app known as ‘VoLTE Checker’

VoLTE checker Android App Download here


on Youtube which can tell you that your phone supports VoLTE or not which is a useful app for those who want to check their devices on that time.So that app goes viral easily Then he brings up one more app known as “Edit webpages” in which you can use inspector element in your android devices.

The feature of this app is that you can easily edit any webpage like you can change iPhone price to 5rs., You can make Jay Kapoor’s subscribers into 0-10000. It’s a very easy source to edit any webpage without any kind of codings.

Then he built up an app which gone viral on Playstore named ‘Flash Sale Helper’ in which you can easily book an Android device in the flash sale all you have to do just signup your Flipkart or Amazon account and it will book your order automatically.

Flash Sale Helper App Dowmload here


These apps got viral on play store and now everybody knows him with his name. Not even in the field of technology, he is a philosopher too.


“Focus more on your goals, rather than your friends

As Goals are forever and friends come and go”

He proved that If you have passion. You can willingly do anything.

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