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Hello Everyone, we are here with Kunal Sinha  A Proud Award Winning Blogger, Freelance Writer, Interviewer and an Online Entrepreneur and A Digital Marketer from India. He currently studying in 11th Class, Kunal Sinha loves to do hard work with great mind

Kunal Sinha is the guy behind blog mytechloaded.com

On mytechloaded.com, Kunal covers topics related to Android, Windows, iOS and Gaming. A true gadget reviewer and Tech Geek.
Apart from being a Tech Blogger, He is one of the best interviewer.

His MyTechLoaded.com site is the perfect place where you can find genuine reviews of mobile phones, laptops, and other latest gadget.

I’m really thankful to Kunal for accepting my interview request and for his time in answering my interview questions.

Without any delay, let’s start the Interview With Kunal Sinha.

Q1. First of all, please share a bit about you, your online portals and how you get into blogging?

Kunal Sinha – This is Kunal Sinha.  A Proud Blogger, Freelance Writer, Interviewer and an Online Entrepreneur and A Digital Marketer in making. I currently own 1 site that is my main venture named  MTL MyTechLoaded, 1 Portfolio of my own and one Blogspot site.

Actually, I along with 2 of my other friends started blogging with a Blogspot site but due to some or the other reasons they both left but I continued.

Q2.  Please share moments that you feel are the best and worst moment you had so far in your blogging journey? And was there a time when feel you should give up blogging?

Kunal SinhaBest – When I received The Blooming Blogger Of The Year – 2016 Award at an event in Chennai, India.

Worst – When My site MTL was down for approx 1 month due to some serious errors. Yaa there was such period during my adorable journey.

My second interview i.e. with Kapil Sharma went fantastic but the third one i.e. with Shashank Vaishnav (Witty Feed Co-Founder) failed to attain attention and traffic.

During that period of time, I actually thought to quit everything and just sleep for long but that was not an Entrepreneur’s mind saying. I continued.

Q3. What are three blogs that you visit almost daily?

Kunal Sinha

1. Witty Feed  |

2. MTL MyTechLoaded |

3. Kunalsinha.in (My Portfolio).

Q4.  Can you give us three recommended tools/services that you use with your blogging?

Kunal Sinha

1. I use Canva.com for designing my featured image.

2. I use Photoshop for designing my logos and for any further photo edits.

3. I use MOZ and Ahrefs (Paid Tools) for monitoring my site.

Q5. What advice would you have for someone who is just starting with their first blog (for newbie’s,)?

Kunal Sinha – First of all bro I am not a Pro. I just have 3 years of experience and that’s it. I would just like to recommend that if anyone has chosen blogging to earn money in a short while, please go back and sleep.

Q6.  Again for newbie’s, most of them struggle when it comes to bringing traffic to their blogs. Please share some tips that they can use to build some traffic on their blogs and at the same time, what kind of mistakes they should avoid committing?

Kunal Sinha –  Make enough backlinks. This will increase your site’s Domain and Page Authority.  DA/PA is the main factor for any site’s  traffic and Google Rankings.

While making backlinks, many bloggers use Comment Spamming method but this is not worth trying. Admins of almost all the sites have installed Anti Spam plugins and above all, they themselves remove your link from the comment.

Q7.  How are you currently monetizing your blog traffic?

Kunal Sinha – Through Adsense, Sponsored Advertisements, Sponsored Links.

Q8. What is the focus of your blog and why did you choose that niche?

Kunal Sinha – Initially the focus of my blog was to provide regular Tech updates but as the clock rotated I included Gadget reviews, Interviews section, Viral news section, The Top Listed gadgets section, Gaming reviews etc into my blog.

I had chosen “Tech” niche coz since childhood I was in love with gadgets and gears. I used to play with them all the time in spite of playing with toys like normal babies.

Q9.  Are you a full time blogger?

Kunal Sinha – No buddy ! I am not a full time. I am still studying in 11th Standard with Science stream and above all my school is an ICSE board based school. Though I am not good in studies but I try to manage work with education.

Q10.  Who is ur favourite Blogger?

Kunal Sinha – My favorite blogger is Matt Marshall and that too because of his company “Venture Beat”.

Q11.  Everyone has a favorite/least favorite post. Name yours and why? Link Too.

Kunal Sinha

Favorite – My review on Xiaomi  Redmi Note 5. I love this article because I love Mi products and thus I wrote the article with extra love and care.


These Jaw Dropping Features Will Compel You To Buy The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Favorite – Interview With Shashank Vaishnav (Co – Founder  At Witty Feed). I don’t hate this article rather I love all my content. You asked me the least favorite so I mentioned this coz this is the only article which has got low traffic and was not appreciated by my readers.


Exclusive Interview With WittyFeeder “Shashank Vaishnav”

Q12. How can Gobloggerslive readers of the blog get in touch with you?

Kunal Sinha – Recently I have launched my Portfolio.


My Sitewww.mytechloaded.com

My Facebook Profile www.facebook.com/kunalblogger

My Facebook Official Pagewww.facebook.com/kunalsinhaofficial

Follow me on Instagram www.instagram.com/kunalsinhaofficial

Follow me on Twitterwww.twitter.com/mytechloaded

Mail me @:

1. hello@kunalsinha.in

2. mytechloaded@gmail.com

Q13   Which Famous Quote Describes Your Life?

Kunal Sinha

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. –“Carol Burnett”.

Stay Best!!

Cheers !!


Over To you!!

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