How To Start A Blog On WordPress In Easy 5 Steps

How To Start A Blog On WordPress Introduction

I still keep in mind envisioning WordPress for the primary time. I made a decision I used to be about to begin a weblog – I had barely scanned a weblog before, coupled with created one in every of my very own. though I had some old-fashioned markup language and CSS information qualitative analysis back to the late 90s (when I engineered a website with nothing, however, a pad and FTP software), I used to be a solution of my depth.


WordPress is our most well-liked thanks to starting a blog on WordPress as a result of it’s very easy to figure with. however, the actual fact is it’s even as straightforward to forget however discouraging WordPress is after you initial begin a Blog. one thing that gives such a lot of practicality can’t be utterly intuitive to a blogging tyro. There’s with great care abundant to admit together with settings, themes, plugins and a lot of.

With the on top of in mind, I needed to form a very easy guide for obtaining started with WordPress blogging. this can be an essential, bare-bones stepwise guide to start a blog on WordPress that’s prepared for the planet at giant to check.

Step to Start A Blog on WordPress :

#Step one WordPress Hosting

Before you begin to start a blog on WordPress you would like an area to host your weblog. There area unit a whole lot and presumably thousands of hosting corporations accessible on the net, however not all hosting is that the same. the primary rule of thumb is that nothing in life is free – particularly hosting. therefore if you see a corporation advertising utterly free, no strings hooked up hosting don’t expire. You’ll be far better off investment $3 to $30 per month in an exceedingly tight hosting set up.

#Step two Install WordPress In One Click

You just need to visit your hosting cPanel and then there one click script install option you will see. Just choose WordPress to start a blog on WordPress. Then, just click on install after give the directory path. Then, you can proceed further to start a blog on WordPress.

Once you have got WordPress put in and prepared, you will head over to your universal resource locator to log into WordPress. There ought to be a link to your WordPress login from your hosting account (usually it goes to or wp-admin or one thing similar). Use the admin name or email and arcanum that you simply created once fixing your info for your hosting account.

#Step three Do WordPress General Settings

On this page, the foremost vital settings square measure the fields to enter your website Title & Tagline. you’ll return and alter them at any time, however, it’s decent to possess a concept of what you would like to use for these from the start for consistent stigmatization. The Title can most likely simply be your website name, whole or your name (if it’s a private blog), therefore that’s straightforward. For your Tagline place confidence in what you’re wished to begin a journal within the 1st place. This really help you to  start a blog on WordPress successfully. It ought to describe what your journal is regarding. you’ll conjointly modification the date and time format from this page if you, therefore, would like.

Start a blog on wordpress

Start a blog on WordPress

#Step four WordPress Writing Settings

In this section, you’ll set a Default Post class & Post kind for your articles. Seeing as you haven’t started blogging nevertheless, this is often a vicinity you’ll come to at a later date. It’s not an important step although it will facilitate speed up the blogging method by some seconds if your edit the defaults to your feeling.

#Step five WordPress Permalink Settings

Permalinks square measure what seems within the browser address bar once a traveler is on any given page on your website – it’s your uniform resource locator and the distinctive page or post symbol. parenthetically the permalink for this page is “start a blog on WordPress”.

Start A Blog On WordPress

Start A Blog On WordPress

On this settings page, you’ll be conferred with an inventory of various permalink formats. By default, WordPress is about to use the post id that isn’t terribly pretty. Instead, we have a tendency to typically like and advocate the Post name choice since it’s straightforward to use, is visually appealing and it’s an additional boost to your SEO (using your keyword in your slug is usually a decent thing).

We don’t mention to install theme and plugin because this we will going to cover in our next article. Which is about the basic themes and articles that you actually need to Start a blog on wordpress.

Final Words and Conclusion

We also posted an article on How to Start a blog on Blogspot. You can check that article as it was also too interesting Only if you want to start blogging without any funds. So, hopefully, you enjoy this article on starting a blog on WordPress. Do share and stay tuned for more and more articles on blogging.

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