How to make blog on blogger for free

Blogging can have a serious effect in your overall income. It not only gives you the freedom to express yourself but also allows you to get paid for all the hard work done. The role of influencing the audience is particularly possible when you have a blog. And to create a free blog, nothing can be better than having an account at blogger. Com

The actual process of having a blog is quite intimidating. People often take a backseat when it comes to starting their own blog. Either, they work as a part of digital marketing or simply keep planning about similar things to be done in future. But do not worry as blogger.Com is the place where you can get started very easily without any hassles.

Let’s know the process of creating a free blog on blogger. Com –

  • Getting started

Now this is the first and the most important step for starting a free blog. Visit www.Blogger.Com homepage and you will straightaway get the option- create new blog. Click upon that button and the process would immediately begin.


  • signing up with Google account

Another step that takes you ahead for having a free blog is embedding Google information of your account. One by one prompts would ask you to enter information and you would be expected to do the same with correct details.

  • selecting a perfect theme

Thank god, blogger.Com has it all. It’s not only a place where you can post the articles and get some traffic. But it’s a standalone solution for all the digital marketing skills that you do not have. The themes are illustrated right on your screen amongst which you have to pick any one. Choosing relevant theme customizes your blog. At the end, select upon create blog button and you are go to go ahead.

  • Personalized domain gives an option to have a personal domain name for the blog immediately. Scroll to the suggested list and check out what are the charges. Make a choice or else skip the option.

You don’t have to buy a personalized domain always to generate a blog. In fact, you can always get free domain name from .Blogspot.Com

  • creating the first post

Since you have created a blog to post some relevant stuff, do not feel apprehended when you see an Empty screen. Generate a new post and get started by writing a brief message. Click upon the preview button and check out how the post would exactly look like.

You need to think about a particular topic before starting up with writing. Check out the free domain name and customize your post according to the selected domain. Alternatively, you can select a template to view the snapshot.

The preview appears the way blog would look after being posted. Close the preview option and return to the place where you have been composing your post. Make the required editing by changing the font size, color, under line and slanting option. The blog looks best when the headings have been highlighted and made bold. Use a larger text size in case of headings and important matter.


  • About formatting

The fancy formatting items are available in the side row. The formatting possibilities can be conveniently used in the blog post so as to exaggerate the overall appearance. Make the best use of underline, bold and italics so as to highlight the suitable word and text.

Do not forget to add important emoji, images and videos along with a background color to personalize everything. Experiment with different colors and preview at last once again to see how things actually appear. Save the changes and publish it right away using the button located on the top of the screen.

How to know about the traffic and earning?

In order to know about the traffic and earning, you need to check out the dashboard that has all the statistics are clearly stated. The detailed earning and the overall process of setting the blog are mentioned on the dashboard itself.

The user friendly interface helps in everything you do. It not only makes the blog available for the public to read but also displays the screenshot of the posted blog.

How to start earning money from the blog on

The free website has been floating on Google ever since 2003. A single user can post suitable contents and start earning as the traffic is generated.

Method 1 -advertisements

The bloggers have to put advertisements on this blog to generate money. The ad publishing system is called as Google AdSense that gets approved only after a particular amount of posts available on your website. Blogger account allows you to join Google AdSense very easily. However, you need to meet out certain requirement like –

  • The blogger must have a website
  • The user should be 18 years old at least
  • The blog/website must completely abide by the AdSense rules
  • The blog should be active for at least 6 months continuously so that it does not gets disqualified from AdSense. You have to remain continuously involved in creating posts for adding them up in the generated blog. It’s at least take 1 – 2 years for people to know about your blog. Patience is the key to make money when you take a step and blogging.

Method 2 – sell something


Content can generate a particular amount of traffic. the major amount of money on it through advertisements or by selling services and products. Create an email list and post the blog on your social media account and other places so that more people can reach you up.

Method 3 – affiliate income

This is not the last but one of the most common ways of earning money through blogging. Affiliate income requires you to sell products of other marketers through your blog and earn a particular amount of Commission on it. You can follow the suit in case of your own products as well.


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